Worship at LPC

One thing that is immediately noticeable about the congregation of LPC is its passion for worship. A continuing goal is to make sure everyone feels welcome and is comfortable with participating in worship.

This creates an atmosphere where the souls who cannot keep from lifting their hands toward heaven during worship feel comfortable doing so. It also means the souls who reverently worship God with respectful stillness are comfortable doing so. What matters most is that all who gather feel inspired to be engaged in worship.

Sometimes it is a long process to reach that point. For some it is second nature. Our goal is to help create environments in which all who gather encounter God in a fresh way that deepens their relationship with the Lord.   

The Worship Ministry is led, along with the Senior Pastor, by a team of volunteers, session representatives, and the Minister of Music and Worship. It is their goal to strive for excellence, tempered with the humility that comes from following Christ, in every aspect of worship in order to help foster genuine, relevant worship gatherings. We simply and humbly try to give God our best. We want worship to be real and we pray that if you are looking for a church home, you will consider stopping by on a Sunday morning to share a cup of coffee and to worship together.

If you would like more information about worship or participating in one of the Worship Ministry teams or ensembles, please email Rick McNeely at rick@lebanonpresbyterian.org.