EXPLORE (Preschool-Kindergarten)

Help kids explore God’s Word, the world He made, and their place in it


Worship & EXPLORE – At LPC, we welcome children of all ages in corporate worship. We offer worship bags with coloring pages and books as well as special worship elements to help our Explorers feel that they belong and are welcome. To help our Explorers understand the message of the day, we also offer Children’s Church during the sermon on most Sundays.


Children’s Church – During the sermon, we offer a special time for Explorers to sing songs, hear a lesson based on the same scripture used in corporate worship, and to enjoy follow-up activities to reinforce the message of the day. Children are dismissed from worship and return to their families in corporate worship during the final hymn or praise song. 


EXPLORE Sunday School – During Sunday school, our Explorers enjoy an age-appropriate Bible lesson including crafts and other play-based activities.


EXPLORE Wednesdays – During the fall and winter sessions of Wednesday Nights Together, Explorers can enjoy music time as well as Bible lessons, crafts, and games.