Embrace kids with the love of Jesus  (Ages 0-2) 

 Worship & Embrace – At LPC, we welcome children of all a

ges in corporate worship. We strive to provide a range of options so that parents with very young children can worship in a way that suits their needs. This includes keeping your children with you in worship, staying in our Family Room for part or all of worship, or using our church nursery.


Family Room – Our family room is equipped with worship audio feed so that you rock, nurse, or change your child while you listen. There is also space for crawlers and walkers to move around and books for reading.


Nursery – Our nursery is staffed with caregivers and volunteers who will spend time with your child and share the love of Jesus as they care for them. Our nursery is open to all children under three years old and is open on Sunday mornings, Wednesday evenings (when WNT is in session), and at other special times as needed.


Storytime Sunday School – During the Sunday school hour, we offer a special opportunity for our toddlers to enjoy stories about God with one of our volunteers.


Music Makers – During the week, we offer a parent-child music class during the week for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. We sing, dance, play instruments, and experience God through music and movement. We meet Tuesdays at 10:00 am seasonally.